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 About Us

Dynamic Geosciences and Engineering Services (DGES) is professional Geosciences, Environment and Engineering consultant Firm which serve Government and Private Organizations in the application of Geological Surveys, Soil investigation, Drilling, Logging, Surveying, material testing, Feasibility study of hydropower’s, feasibility study of mining companies (exploration of mines to closure), Indication surveys for mineral deposits, Training workshops related to mining.

 Our Vision

This group of Professional Geologists, Mining Engineers, Environmentalists, Geographers assisted by a top-notch in-house staff, has provided responsive, high-quality geological and engineering services to a broad spectrum of industrial clients, governmental agencies, and research organizations. The DGES team members have provided innovative solutions to complex mining and engineering problems. They have been highly successful in obtaining effective solutions to wide- ranging problems by applying geological and engineering mechanics, finite element analysis methods, and/or testing to pressure components, mechanical equipment, structures, systems, processes, and concepts.

 Our Mission

Dynamic Geosciences and Engineering Services (DGES) is only Firm in Gilgit Baltistan providing sophisticated services to acquire Environmental NOC,s of manufacturing sites, Mining Companies, LPG storage Plants, Water Filtration Plants etc. The Principal of DGES and employed consultants have worked together for completion of awarded projects.

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